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Welcome to the ICCF Tournament Events Index Page. The following will list ICCF server crosstables links to events that CCCA members are currently playing in with games still in progress. It only includes those members who are most currently active in ICCF events. You can also download the games in PGN format and view completed games on-line from these ICCF server cross-table pages once the tournament conditions have been met, except for the postal and email events. So if you wish to follow the progress of your fellow members here's the place. Updates (new sections started) are indicated in red.

ICCF Tournament Events Archive Index
Updated: 13/01/18
( --- Ralph P. Marconi, CCCA Intenational Events Secretary)

ICCF World CC Championships
WCCC Candidates:
WCCC Semi-Finals

WCCC Prelims:
WCCC41PR01 * (CCE Paul Morley)
WCCC41PR02 * (Pierre Jean)
WCCC41PR05 * (Ian MacTilstra )
* ( Loving Akwei )
* ( Michael Hryniw )
ICCF Olympiads

21st CC Olympiad Prelims (WS) (Start Date: 2016-09-01)
(Section 05)
Team Standings
Canadian Team:
Board 1 (SIM Dan Rotaru)
Board 2 (Paul Morley)
Board 3 (Craig Sadler)
Board 4 (George Bukowski)
Board 5 (Benoit St-Pierre)
Board 6 (Sam Sharpe)

19th CC Olympiad Final (Postal) (Start Date: 2016-06-20)
Team Standings
Canadian Team:

Board 1 (Pino Verde)
Board 2 (Richard Labonté)
Board 3 (Sam Sharpe)
Board 4 (IM Valer Eugen Demian)

ICCF World Tournaments (WT) (Postal)

WT Master Class:
WT/M/1106 (Ian MacTilstra)
WT/M/1107 (Ian MacTilstra)
WT/M/1111 (Vic de Breyne)

WT Higher Class:
WT/H/1116 Ovide-Michel Robidoux

WT Open Class:
WT/O/174 (Tai Che)

ICCF World Tournaments ICCF Server (WS)

WT Master Class (WS):
WS/M/597 (Bob Taylor)
(Peter Green)

WT Higher Class (WS):
WS/H632 Michael Egan
WS/H/644 Franco Manarin
WS/H/645 Franco Manarin
WS/H/647 Franco Manarin
WS/H/648 Franco Manarin

WT Open Class (WS):
* Ed Allenby
Vas Sladek
WS/0/1051 Vas Sladek

ICCF World Cups (WC) (Postal)


ICCF World Cups (WC) (ICCF Server - WS)

10th Veterans ICCF World Cup Prelims:
Group 45 Peter Green
Group 28 Pierre Jean
Group 22 Ed Allenby
Group 1 Arthur Prystenski
9th Veterans ICCF World Cup Prelims:
Group 35
(Pierre Jean)
8th Veterans ICCF World Cup Semi-finals:
Group 3 Pierre Jean
21st ICCF World Cup Semi-finals:
Group 9 Ian MacTilstra
Group 2 Sam Sharpe
22nd ICCF World Cup Prelims:
Group 04 (Michael Egan)
Group 01
(CCM Sam Sharpe)
Group 03 (Peter Green)
Group 21 (Claude Bourgoin)

ICCF Webchess Open Tournaments

6th Webchess Open (Semi-finals):
Group 6
(CCE Ian MacTilstra)
Group 2
(Craig Sadler)
Group 3
(CCE George Bukowski)
7th Webchess Open (prelims):
Prelim Group 118
(Peter Green)
Prelim Group 29 (Paul Morley)

ICCF Master Norm (MN) (WS)
WS/MN/147 (Ian MacTilstra)
WS/MN/152 (Ian MacTilstra)
WS/MN/167 (Pierre Jean)
ICCF Thematic Tournaments
WS Thematics:
WSTT/3/17/1 - Latvian Gambit, C40 (Peter Green)

ICCF Sanctioned Invitationals (Memorials) & Other Events

Zoltan Sarosy Memorial
Cross table


LKSF(Latvia)-25 anniversary/B
Cross table
(CCM Paul Morley is representing Canada is this event)


Ken Bowyer Memorial
Cross table
(CCM Sam Sharpe is representing Canada in this event)is representing Canada in this event)
Team match cross-table: Canada vs. Ukraine (Bohatyrchuk-125)
Chessbase article

2017 Pan/Am Individual Ch Prelims
Group 22 Peter Green
Group 29 Peter Green
Group 23 CCM Sam Sharpe
Group 1 Ed Allenby
Group 6 Ed Allenby

Esko Nuutilainen Memorial Team Tournament - Group 2
Board 1 (IM Serge Maurer)
Board 2 (Arthur Prystenski)
Board 3 (Bob Taylor)
Board 4 (Steve Fillion)
Board 5 (Peter Green)
Board 6 (Francois Bowen)

11th Pan/Am Team Tournament Ch.
Team Standings
11th Pan/Am Team Tournament Ch.Canadian Team:
Board 1 (IM Richard Labonté)
Board 2 (Paul Morley)
Board 3 (Ian MacTilstra)
Board 4 (Craig Sadler)
Team Standings
PATT VII Canadian Team:
Board 1
(Paul Morley)
Board 2
(IM Serge Dubuc)
Board 3
(Benoit St-Pierre)
Board 4 (Ian Mactilstra)
Board 5 (Pierre Jean)
Board 6 (IM Serge Maurer)
( Craig Sadler, IM Valer Eugen Demian, Paul Morley, and George Bukowsk).
7th NATT (North Atlantice Team Tournament):
Team Standings
7th NATT Canadian Team:
Board 1
IM Richard Labonte
Board 2 IM Al Fichaud
Board 3 Paul Morley
Board 4 Craig Sadler
Board 5 Michael Dufour
Board 6 Benoit St-Pierre
Board 7 Loving Akwei
Board 8 George Bukowski
Team Standings
PATT VI Canadian Team:
Board 1
IM Stephen J. Boyd
Board 2
Paul Morley
Board 3 IM Valer Eugen Demian
Board 4 Craig Sadler
Board 5 Michael Hyrniw
Board 6 Loving Akwei
2015 USA Invitational - Section B:
(Pino Verde)
ICCF WS Prize Money Tournament:
ICCF WS Blitz Tournament (Unrated):
2nd Interzonal Individual Tournament:
Prelim B (Ian MacTilstra)
Aspier Tournaments:
Chess 960:

NAPZ Class: Open, Higher, Master; Championships

2015 5th NAPZ Championship ( Michael Hryniw, finishing in 12th with 4 points;
Gordon Morrell, finishing in 13th 1.5 points)
2017 6th NAPZ Championship (CCE George Bukowski, IM Serge Dubuc, Benoit St-Pierre)
NAPZ/WS/H/38 Michael Egan

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