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CCCA Titles & Candidate Master Points
Author: Joe Deidun Jr.

Welcome to the CCCA Titles and Candidate Master Points page for the Canadian Correspondence Chess Association. The following pages will describe the reguirements to acheive CCCA Titles and how Candidate Master Points are earned. For any questions, please contact your Rating Statistician or the author of these pages: Joe Deidun Jr. Email

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CCCA Master Title

The title CCCA Master is a permanent title which can only be achieved by fulfilling one of the 9 requirements below:

  1. Win the Canadian Closed CC Championship. (K-series)
  2. Finish 2nd or 3rd twice in the Canadian Closed CC Championship ("K").
  3. Achieve an international CC title. (IM or GM).
  4. Win an 11-man ICCF Master Class Tournament.
  5. Finish 2nd or 3rd twice in an 11-man ICCF Master Class Tournament.
  6. Score 50% or better when playing for Canada in a CC Olympiad.
  7. Score the IM norm requirement in an ICCF Master Norm Tournament (regular or email).
  8. Score the IM norm less 1 point in an ICCF Master Norm tournament (regular or email) and earn a half norm for the CCCA Master title.
  9. Win a CCCA Candidate Master Challenge "M" tournament. Half norms are also available in this tournament but requirements can vary from year to year and are determined by the number of participants and the average rating of the tournament participants.

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CCCA Candidate Master Title

The title CCCA Candidate Master is a permanent title which is earned by those who fulfill any of the following requirements:

  1. Finish 2 nd or 3 rd in a Canadian Closed CC Championship. ("K" series).
  2. Finish 2 nd or 3 rd in an 11-man ICCF Master Class Tournament.
  3. Amass, within a five year period, 20 or more Candidate Master points based on winning or placing in tournaments as follows:
    a). Win the Canadian Open ("Of") = 8 points.
    b). Win the Challengers' ("D") = 6 points.
    c). 4th place in a Canadian Closed CC Championship ("K") = 8 points.
    d). 5th in "K" event = 5 points.
    e). 2nd in a Canadian Open ("Of") = 5 points.
    f). Winning Canadian Open Semi-Final ("Osf") = 5 points.
    g). 2nd in a Challengers' ("D") = 3 points.
    h). 6th in a Canadian Championship ("K") = 3 points.
    i). Winning a Major Open ("A"), a preliminary Canadian Open ("O") or a Smith Class Championship Class "A section (Rating Tournament) ("R") =3 points.
    j). Winning a Class "A" ("S") or a Class "A" Selected Opening ("F") event = 3 points.
    k). Winning a Smith Class or Rating Class "B" section, a Class "B" ("S"), a mixed class Selected Opening ("B"), a Class "B" Selected Opening ("F") 2 points.
    l), Winning the Senior's Open Championship - depends on number of participants and average rating.
    m). Various point values are awarded in the CM Challenge (M) tournament depending on the number of players and the average rating of the participants.
    n). Win a section of a June or December Minor tournament = 2 points.
    o). Win a Class or Rating "E" section=4 points.
    p). Candidate Master points are also awarded for special tournaments which may be announced from time to time.
  4. Score the IM norm minus 1.5 points in an ICCF Master Norm tournament (regular or email).
  5. Place clear fourth in the Candidate Master Challenge (M) tournament. This may vary depending on the number of participants and the average rating of the tournament participants.

In the case of ties, the total points earned are divided equally and fractional points are left as is.

Finally it is necessary that half of your CM points come from any combination of the following tournaments: Challengers'/Cdn. Championship/CM Challenge/Nationwide Open (final or semi-final/Rating or Class - ("A" or "E").

Please note that the 5 year time frame is measured using the official tournaments completed results appearing in CHECK! and not when a player actually finishes his/her games in a tournament.

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CCCA Title Holders

ICCF Grandmasters

Jonathan Berry, Jean Hébert, Robert Kiviaho, Duncan Suttles, Alexander Ugge

ICCF Senior International Masters

Jocelyn Cote, David M. MacLeod, Artur Mrugala, C. Paré, Denis Pineault, Dan Rotaru, Kurt Widmann, John Wright

ICCF International Masters

Stephen Boyd, Eugen Demian, Serge Dubuc, Al Fichaud, Richard Labonté, Zoltan Leskowsky, Serge Maurer, Pino Verde.

ICCF Correspondence Chess Master

Paul Morley, George Bukowski, Pierre Jean, Michael Dufour, Ian MacTilstra, Craig Sadler, Sam Sharpe, Benoit St. Pierre

ICCF Correspondence Chess Expert

Loving Akwei

ICCF International Arbiters

Eugen Demian, J. Ken MacDonald, Ralph P. Marconi.

CCCA Masters

Loving Akwei, Michael Bristol, David Cohen, Joe Deidun Jr., Michael Hryniw, J. Ken MacDonald, Ian MacTilstra, Murray Marchant, Gordon Morrell, Arthur Prystenski, Benoit St. Pierre, Sam Sharpe, Pino Verde, Asbjorn Woldmo

CCCA Senior Candidate Masters

George Huczek, Martial Larochelle, Craig Sadler

CCCA Candidate Masters

Eugene O. Cornblum, Michel Fortin, Stephen Humphreys, Manny Migicovsky, Larry Neubauer

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Candidate Master Points List

Here is the latest Candidate Master Points List, as of December 31, 2009.

Member Name
Doug Bake
Murray Marchant
Andrew Pressburger
Claude Bourgoin
Victor de Breyne
Bob Taylor
Philip Kelly
Marvin Rosenhek
William Oaker
Peter St. Louis
Michael Barkwell
Peter Laven
Reg McLeod
Michael Egan
George Beals
Michael Becherer
Franco Manarin
Bill Purtell
Sam Sharpe
Cal Simpson
Marc Giroux
George Marchand
Edward Thompson
Ed Yetman III

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